9112104433_bf393fda8a_h(1)JM Photography is an independent endeavor started by me, Jennifer Mayberry, to provide custom photographic experiences
for those people looking for something outside of the typical studio setting.

A blend of creative vision, style,
and bold imagery are used to compose my photos. Paying attention to the details, I pride myself on working one-on-one with my clients to capture the true essence of a subject, person, or occasion. My goal is to bring to life qualities that will be treasured and capture them in my photographs.

I work with my clients to go on assignment at locations of their choosing. I am based in the Indianapolis, IN area, but will travel locally. I am known for a warm personality, and quirky sense of humor that manages to bring out the depth of my subjects. I love capturing the essence of a bride’s wedding day or the youthful vibrancy of a high school senior. I am also experienced with family portraits and candid photography.

Please contact me to discuss your photographic needs. 



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