About the Photographer

Born in Richmond, IN, I grew up as the elder of two siblings. I lived on a quiet street, where all the neighbors knew each other, and I could grow and learn about the world around me with many eyes watching.

Early on, I was designated as the family artist. This is because, ever since I was a child, I always had an eye for the world around me. I participated in community art contests starting in grade school. I even had several articles printed about me in the local newspaper. Upon graduating from high school with Honors, I then attended the University of Indianapolis, where I earned my B.A. in Commercial Art and Graphic Design. I participated in many gallery shows, and gained the respect and attention of my professors and colleagues.

After graduating from U of I, I started work for a book publishing company. School taught me a traditional art background, which I felt was important, and publishing has taught me about business. My goal now is to use the skills I have acquired to express my own vision, without conforming to the norm, and without the red tape.

Being an independent photographer presents many challenges. First, is to be unique in a sea of other photographers. Another is to be unique enough to get noticed. Yet another is being held to high standards. I like spending time with people, understanding their wants and needs, and creating a memorable portrait or album for them. I discuss with each client what their expectations are for the shoot, and capture what is important to them. Locations, emotions, and character are what I try to encapsulate in my photos. Every shoot is a unique challenge, with unique possibilities.

Although I am currently only available for weekend work, I am always open to new projects. No job is too small. Contact me today and schedule your free consultation. I would love to help you capture the memories you want the way you want!

Jennifer Mayberry
JM Photography


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